95% organic and growing

Due to innovation and our farmers’ pioneering efforts, 95% of our farmland currently produces organic products certified by Bio-Suisse. Valposchiavo stands alone in this area – worldwide!

Ideal growing conditions

Our special geographical situation and climatic conditions, and our farmers’ innovative ideas have led to the production of a varied palette of first-class agricultural produce that ranges from alpine products in the highest altitudes around 2000 meters (6600 ft), to medicinal and kitchen herbs and teas on the main valley floor at 1000 meters (3300 ft), to berries, fruit and vegetables at the southern end at 400 meters (1300 ft).

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An embarrassment of riches

We are especially proud of the fact that our produce and meats are for the most part directly prepared for consumption locally: milk, meats, grains, herbs, fruit and vegetables are transformed into cheese, sausages, pasta, teas, fruit juices, jams and preserves right here. We also make internationally prized wines from the grapes grown in the neighboring Italian Valtellina Valley.

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Enjoy 100% Valposchiavo

Ten local restaurants have joined forces to offer these riches to our guests. They are signatories to a “100% Valposchiavo“ charter guaranteeing a prominent place on their menues for local specialties. They commit themselves to provide at least three dishes each made only of products grown and prepared in the valley. 

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Visiting 100% Valposchiavo producers

Would you like to see how our milk is made into cheese at one of the most modern establishments in Switzerland? Are you interested in the organic cultivation of medicinal and kitchen herbs? How about a visit to a vintner and a taste of organic wine? Come visit us and experience memorable moments in one of the most spectacular agricultural areas of Switzerland.

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