Our project "100% Valposchiavo"

Would you like to know where the meal you are enjoying comes from? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our project “100% Valposchiavo” features exclusively local products.

Our quality guarantee

The Poschiavo and Brusio Agricultural Associations, the Valposchiavo Chamber of Commerce and the local Tourist Office have joined forces to guarantee that these first-class products find their way to you. They initiated the “100% Valposchiavo” project to provide you with a unique dining experience and let you enjoy the good things of life right here where they are produced!


We created two categories: “100% Valposchiavo” and “Fait su in Valposchiavo” to let you know exactly the origin of every ingredient.

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Twelve inns, hotels and restaurants have signed the “100 Valposchiavo” charter. Their menus all feature local specialties and they guarantee at least three dishes each that are entirely made from the valley’s produce and products.

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Experience "100% Valposchiavo"

Would you like to see how milk is made into organic cheese in one of Switzerland’s most modern facilities? Are you interested in the cultivation of organic medicinal and kitchen herbs? How about a taste of organic wine in the winery that produces it? “100% Valposchiavo” proudly presents our innovative, sustainable food industries to enable you to enjoy unforgettable moments in a breathtaking landscape.

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100% is quite a boast

We admittedly stand at the beginning of a long and ambitious road. We are in this together with our partners and are working to increase our offerings. Our goal is to present the entire production chain transparently, from produce through production to your enjoyment at table. Rarely not everything may function perfectly quite yet. So we invite you to help us develop. We welcome your ideas and critique. Join us in this wonderful adventure! As a first step toward our goal, the project was distinguished with the 2016 CIPRA-Award for sustainable tourism and has won the MILESTONE 2016 price in the category “Sustainability”.

Under the leadership of the “Ente Turistico Valposchiavo” (Valposchiavo Tourist Office), the “100% Valposchiavo” project unites the efforts of the “Unione Contadini di Brusio“ (Brusio Farmers’ Union), the “Associazione Agricola di Poschiavo“ (Poschiavo Agricultural Association) and the “Associazioine Artigiani e Commercianti Valposchiavo“ (Valposchiavo Chamber of Commerce).

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