Flying areas in Valposchiavo

Our flying areas are suited for paragliders and hang-gliders. Most of the starting points can be easily reached by car, offer fantastic views and are rated as easy. They are located on private ground, therefore it is important to keep the areas clean (no toilets). If everyone respects the owners, the farmers, the shepherds and does not start in the high grass it will also in the future be possible to keep the good relationships.

Alp Grüm (2200 m) can be reached by the Rhaetian Railway, the emergency landing place at Cavaglia (train stop) can be challenging.
Aurafreida (2100 m)
Alpe Varuna (1900 m) 40 min. on foot from the train stop Cavaglia (RhB)
Somdoss (2200 m) ideal in the morning
Sassiglion/ Albertüsch (2070 m/ 2150 m) our main mountain in the afternoon
Viano, Frendül, Cavaione (1300-1800 m) our winter flying areas, can partially be reached by public bus, landing place at Brusio.
Colle Salarsa (2'200 m) spectacular flight in summer and fall with landing at Tresenda, Valtellina at an altitude of 400 m. About 1 ½ h hiking time from Alpe Pescia Bassa.
In case of north wind, even light one, we DO NOT fly: strong turbulences can be dangerous!

We do not have any official landing places. Absolutely avoid landing in high grass. The landing possibilities are restricted from 1st May until about the middle of June. A good preparation and the necessary respect will help to keep the good friendship with the farmers. In summer the wind through the valley may not be underestimated!
Guest flyers are very welcome, provided that they follow these simple rules.

Arno Jochum gives you further information and helps concerning questions about meteorology and landing possibilities. Further he offers unforgettable paraglider-taxi-flights from different starting points of Valposchiavo.

Arno Jochum
742 Poschiavo

Tel. +41 (0)81 834 62 62
Nat. +41 (0)78 670 62 61

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