Slow down

The Valposchiavo lies far from everywhere. Our visitors have to travel far to visit Graubünden’s southernmost valley. Far from being a disadvantage, it is a quality, as the relaxing trip itself starts the deceleration process – especially if you come here on the little red RhB train’s UNESCO World Heritage route via the Albula-Bernina Line. There is no better way to attune to the slower rhythm of this southern Graubünden valley.

Peaceful oases

Visitors who desire a vacation to shed their everyday stress can find secluded nooks in the Valposchiavo free of cell-phone or wi-fi distraction. We will help you find them – but don’t tell anyone!

From the centre to the periphery

The Valposchiavo did not always lie at the end of the world. In the days when Graubünden ruled the Valtelina (1512-1797), the Bernina Pass served as one of the main links between the subject lands and the government north of the Alps. The “borgo“ of Poschiavo counted around 1,000 inhabitants in the 18th century and was, after the capital Chur, the second most populous town in Graubünden.

© Foto Archivio fotografico Luigi Gisep /Società Storica Val Poschiavo

From the end of the world to the European metropoles and back

The Valposchiavo’s position at the end of the world never hindered the inhabitants from travelling all over the world and trying their luck as pâtissiers or café owners in the largest European centres. The stately “palazzi“ (town houses) they built all over town and that give Poschiavo’s “borgo“ its urban flair demonstrate how successful they were.

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