Energy production

The harnessing of water power contributed substantially to the development of the Valposchiavo Valley. The power station at Campocologno was the largest high-pressure power plant in Europe when it opened in 1904. It was electric power that enabled the construction of the Bernina Railway. It was conceived as an electric railway from the outset because of its steepness. Today, the dams at Lago Bianco and the power stations at the various elevations at Palü, Cavaglia, Robbia and Campocologno testify to our use of water power.

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The historical mill at Aino

You can see how water power was used in pre-industrial times at the Mulino Aino. It incorporates a smithy, a gristmill and a sawmill, all driven by the same turbine, and it turns metal into objects of everyday use, grain into flour and logs into boards. Visit the Mulino Aino and travel back into the 18th century.

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Giardino dei Ghiacciai (glacial potholes)

For thousands of years the melt from the Palü Glacier drilled deep, circular holes into solid rock, forming “giants’ cauldrons“ as the glacial potholes of Cavaglia are known. Twenty-one of them have been excavated so far, connected by an explanatory trail. 

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Alpine lakes

It is debatable which of our alpine lakes is the most intriguing – the turquoise Lagh da Palü, the Lagh da Caralin, formed most recently by the retreating Palü Glacier, the Lagh da Mat (“Crazy Man Lake“) hidden away in the side valley Val dal Saent, or our most popular, the deep blue Lagh da Saoseo or the open Lagh Val Viola that reflects the landscape higher up in the picturesque Val da Camp side valley. At any rate Mother Nature has given us many beautiful alpine lakes, and each of them is well worth hiking to.

A cruise in Graubünden

The largest ship in Graubünden sails the Lago di Poschiavo. The “Sassalbo“ began service in 2016 and can be chartered for private or company events. 

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