From glaciers to palm trees

A mere 25 km (15.5 miles) separate the glaciers of the Bernina Range and the pass at 2328 meters (7,637 ft) from the orchards and palm trees at the valley’s mouth in Campocologno  at 553 meters (1749 ft). On either side the valley is hemmed in by 3000-meter (almost 10,000-ft) high peaks, the highest of which, the Piz Palü, reaches 3900 meters (12,800 ft). All climate and vegetation zones are represented here, from extreme nival to Mediterranean, which provide a broad range of agricultural products.

The Valposchiavo’s three climate zones

The Valposchiavo can be divided into three distinct climate zones. The first spans from the Bernina Pass at 2328 meters (7,637 ft) down to Cavaglia and Sfazu and includes the two Alpine plateaus La Rösa on the pass road at 1870 meters (6,135 ft) and Cavaglia at 1693 meters (5,554 ft) on the railway line. The second zone is relatively flat and extends from the hamlet of Pedemonte north of Poschiavo at 1100 meters (3,608 ft) to Poschiavo itself, Lake Poschiavo and Miralago at 965 meters (3,166 ft). The third and steeper zone includes the Municipality of Brusio in the lower valley and spans from Miralago down to the Italian border at Campocologno at 553 meters (1,749 ft).

© Foto: Bruno Raselli

Far from overcrowded

The Valposchiavo measures 237 sq. kilometers in extent (91.5 sq. miles) and has 4,500 inhabitants, just 2 sq.kilometers (1/2 a sq. mile) less than the Canton of Zug with around 120,000 inhabitants. It represents one of the most sparsely inhabited regions of Switzerland and is thus the ideal vacation spot for those who wish to flee congestion.

Valposchiavo gastronomy statistics

For our 4,500 inhabitants we have 5 bakers, 4 butchers, 6 wineries, 2 herb farmers, a brewery, a pasta factory and several food stores that carry local specialties. This alone documents how highly we value our gastronomy.

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