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About us

  • Kaspar Howald
  • Claudia Daguati
  • Cristina Parotto
  • Mirjam Robustelli
  • Maura Tonolla
  • Kaspar Howald

    Kaspar Howald


    As Director of Valposchiavo Turismo, it is my job to motivate, train and inspire. I am lightening-rod, crisis manager, marketing representative, psychologist, management consultant, project manager, developer of local potential, trend scout, ethnographer, dreamer, storyteller and admirer of the Valposchiavo all rolled into one

    After studying Classical Philology and Philosophy at Zürich University, I worked at the Istituto Svizzero in Rome. Then followed a one-year soujourn in Egypt for the Pro Helvetia Foundation, after which I returned to Rome as Director of Cultural Programmes for Germany’s Goethe Institut before moving to Poschiavo in 2014.

    The Valposchiavo means quality of life to me. I appreciate going to work in the morning without commuting and the manageable overview one can have over the valley. It allows me to maintain close contact with all those who seek to develop the region’s tourist potential. Most emphatically it is the culinary richness and quality of the place that impresses me. The care devoted to each family’s vegetable garden demonstrates the importance they attach to good food. But even those few without a green thumb, and who do not collect wild mushrooms, hunt or fish, eat well. It is a good feeling to know where my honey comes from, which cows produced my children’s milk and who pressed the wine we enjoy in the evening.

  • Claudia Daguati

    Claudia Daguati

    part time at 80%

    Marketing, public relations, managing the website along with social media and our photo archive are my primary responsibilities, but I also run the office, head our quality management thrust and train our apprentices.

    I graduated from the Höhere Fachschule für Tourismus Graubünden in Samedan in 2004 with a diploma in tourism and have worked for Valposchiavo Turismo since 2005.

    My roots lie right here in Valposchiavo where I was born and live. I never cease to be fascinated by this valley that cuts deeply into the Rhaetian Alps, culturally striving to link northern and southern Europe. The innovative drive and flexible intellectual breadth of its inhabitants refresh me daily. These characteristics fill me with pride. They historically allowed us and continue to enable us to master our geographical isolation, our sparse natural resources, our lack of a reliable financial base, our linguistic minority position within our country and all the other difficulties that typically confront a region that lies at the periphery of modern urban life.

  • Cristina Parotto

    Cristina Parotto

    part time at 50%

    Special events and coordinating our weekly programme are my fields. I am also in charge of the Valposchiavo All-Inclusive Guest Card and assist Claudia with our website.

    I graduated from the Università degli Studi in Trento, Italy in languages and Modern Western Literature in 2010 and have worked for Valposchiavo Turismo ever since.

    The subtleties and contrasts of the Valposchiavo fascinate me. In summer the old town centre (borgo) of Poschiavo reminds me of an Italian town with its pulsating, vivacious life. And untouched nature lies just beyond, where I love to recuperate from the routine of work. I hike the route from Selva via Cancian Pass and along Italy’s Valmalenco, returning over the Passo d’Ur at least once a year. The incredible panorama of Pizzo Scalino’s Glacier more than compensates me for the effort. And then the descent via the many small mountain lakes back to Selva! This is my favorite because of the solitude. Only very few hikers know it and, for me, it represents the Valposchiavo’s true soul.

  • Mirjam Robustelli

    Mirjam Robustelli

    part time at 40%

    I manage the office and do the bookkeeping and run the Deskline booking site and deal with our hotels as well.

    I graduated from business school in Zug and have been working at Valposchiavo Turismo since 2004.

    The Valposchiavo has a lot to offer in culinary delights that derive from the simple mountain life and are made of a few modest but tasty ingredients. My favorite is “pizzöcar alla pusc’ciavina“, a hearty buckwheat noodle dish with vegetables and cheese. Not everyone knows that ours differs from the well-known Valtellina version in that we use seasonal vegetables. The main ingredient, buckwheat used to be commonly grown in our region, and for centuries it played a major role in local nourishment. Our farmers recently rediscovered it as a niche product, and one can now see fields of buckwheat again growing here and there all over the valley. If you would like to see a field, (buckwheat is not a grain and has nothing at all to do with wheat), visit Luigi Giuliani’s farm just north of the hamlet of Pagnoncini that lies between Poschiavo and the lake.

  • Maura Tonolla

    Maura Tonolla

    part time at 70%

    I am your contact for everything to do with holiday homes and apartments, and I also coordinate the 100% Valposchiavo project. Furtehrmore, I take care of our interactive map and image base and design our website.

    I graduated from the Höhere Fachschule für Tourismus Graubünden in Samedan with a diploma in tourism and have been working at Valposchiavo Turismo since 2012.

    I grew up in the Mesolcina Valley, another of the southern Italian-speaking Graubünden valleys. I grew up speaking our dialect and love comparing the Valposchiavo dialect Pusc’ciavin to my own from the Mesolcina. My favorite words are „manfriguli“ and „cocula“. Their very sound makes me laugh! Their meaning? “Manfriguli“ is a simple local dish made of buckwheat flour and eaten for supper, and a “cucola“ is nothing more than a pinecone!

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